It is our goal to help you maximize your revenue while minimizing your empty miles through our long-term partnerships with our most valuable asset: an exceptional network of carriers. We hold assets and understand the fundamentals of the transportation industry.


Our business is driven by long-lasting partnerships with our most valued asset; an exceptional network of carriers. J Fleet Services LLC Providing overflow capacity for seasonal surges is the specialty of our Logistics Department. We understand every business is unique; J.Fleet Services LLC creates customized solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.


As an Industry leader J.Fleet Services LLC ensures the best equipment, excellent salaries, quality benefits, efficient operations, and load planning to maximize time at home without compromising safety or income By doing so, we are working to improve the quality of life for drivers and their families.

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J.Fleet Services LLC is a company that is designed to make shipping easy and faster at a more excellent quality service. We pride ourselves on offering the most affordable service with the most skill level and exceptional driving experience and We combine traditional values with innovation and continuously push the limits of traditional logistics. If you are looking for fast and easy shipping, J.Fleet Services LLC is here to help you.

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